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Friday, September 10, 2010

The food here is an adventure in itself

A few people were shocked that I'd eaten frogs, so I thought I'd put up some pics of other interesting foods that I've tried while I've been in Malaysia.

So far, I've learned three things;
1) the food here is tasty and very cheap, unless you eat in a hotel aimed at Westerners, then its more expensive than in Australia,
2) there is no real distinction between breakfast foods, lunch foods and dinner foods - people eat the same things all day long.
3) alot of foods here are completely unrecognisable - but you might be rewarded if you give them a try.

Green Mystery Drink

I thought I was ordering a banana crepe, but the lady gave me a plastic bag with a green liquid and pink and green floaty things in it!  Further inspection revealed that it was a sweet milky fruit drink and the pink floaty things were banana pieces.  I never did work out what the green things were - but you know I ate them anyway! :)

Sitting by the waterfront at Kota Kinabalu with my green 'mystery' drink.  
Lunch in Batu Puti village

This is the lunch that I was served when at a Community Ecovillage.  The spike fruit on the left is Rambutan.  Also egg, fish and sago root.  All served with rice.
The closest thing I've found to a Western omelette - Roti Telour (Egg Roti)

I've met Western tourists here who are just desperate for a Western breakfast, because in Malaysia the locals seem to eat the same sort of things for all meals - rice with curries, meat, vegies etc.  You just can't find omelettes or a western continental breakfast.  I don't mind that myself, but usually recommend that they go to an Indian cafe and order a Roti.  They cost around 2 Ringett (less than $1AUD)

Roti Telour with Tea.  Unless you say 'No susu', they'll always put condensed milk in your tea.

Chinese 'Kedai Kopi' (Coffee Shop) lunch
As a vegetarian, I have to be quite careful when I eat at a Kedai Kopi, because many of the vegetables are stuffed with meat, and you often can't tell until you've taken a bite.

Greens, Tofu and bread.  

Afternoon tea

Another tea with Chinese Sesame puffs stuffed with red bean

Market Snack
Yes, I know this looks far from appetising but its actually quite tasty!  Its a sort of pancake bread filled with a peanut paste.  Its served hot and wrapped in newspaper.  The market girl didn't stop beaming when I bought this from her.:)


  1. i wanna see the frogs!!

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  3. Cool drink by the water... Looks like a tough spot to be in. Love the food shots. Looks so tasty!

  4. i sussed out how not to get the condensed milk you ask for teh-o instead of teh