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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best of Brunei

Sunset in Brunei is beautiful
So after my time in the jungle, I needed a change (and a visa renewal!) so I went for a visit to Brunei with my friend Finian.  Brunei is considerably wealthier than the rest of Malaysia which means its rather more expensive to stay there.  The Brunei dollar is comparable to the Australian dollar.

I had a rather interesting introduction to the country..I came in by boat, and for a change, I put 'singer' down as my occupation on the Immigration form (this isn't a lie - I do sing!).  Well, the people at the desk stopped me because I didn't have a visa.  I didn't have one because I'd been told that I could get one on arrival.  Well, they took me into a side room and looked at my documents.  Once they saw that I was a singer, they naturally assumed that I was rather famous back in Australia, and asked if they could have a photo with me!  I said 'of course', and with that, my visa worries were over!. :)

Here is the other thing about Brunei.  It really hard to find a cheap place to stay.  I ended up in the only cheap hotel in the place, staffed by a pair of lesbians, which may or may not have doubled as a brothel.  I'm still not sure about that....

Bandar Seri Bagwan (BSB) is the capital of Brunei.  Its quite nice, with its lovely city mosque and water villages.

The city mosque, lit up at night.

Boats wait to take passengers across to the water villages.  It should cost around $2 but the price goes up to $10 if you are a tourist.

This boy thought that by flashing me a winning smile, he'd get me into his boat..........it almost worked.:)
And he tried the 'smooth' stare
Sunset over the water

Trees in the cemetery - ok so I ran out of things to do in Brunei :)

Here are some photos of the same mosque, taken at different times of the day.  The way the sky changes over the days makes a big difference to the way the mosque looks.

This man insisted on a photo.  He showed me around the mosque a bit.


  1. The mosque looks as if it's made for postcards. It does look different in every pic! But you look more fabulous than the mosque + the sunset over the water!

  2. Hey Ang, it looks you had a lovely time, how fortuitous with the Visa!

  3. See not only your parents read your blog. Lovely photos :)

  4. This looks unreal!
    Thanks for sharing the photos.