Tuai ewu' aku' means 'Come follow me' in the language of the indigenous Penan peoples of Sarawak, Borneo. This blog is an invitation to you to follow me on my big adventure to learn about this tribe and experience the natural beauty of Borneo. Tuai ewu' aku' ! x

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Down to earth

Hello everyone,

I'm back in Miri now, a rather less glamorous and certainly less beautiful city then Kota Kinabalu.  Honestly, friends, I felt a little down today - a little homesick and out of sorts here.  I've been sick the past few days with a stomach bug which hasn't helped and tonight when I ordered dinner at a restaurant - the meal never came!   I was waiting an hour and I asked twice.  These things happen when you are travelling and it was a little thing but I almost started getting really emotional about it....

I know I'll have these moments over here and I know (and hope) that many other moments will make it worthwhile.  I'm preparing to go back out into the villages on Friday and I'll be there for five days. I'm looking forward to that alot.  Its just that spending so much time alone here makes me realise how much I miss you all and home.

Love, Ang


  1. Angela, we all love you and I miss you heaps. You are so amazingly strong. I wasn't joking about coming to find you. It would be fantastic! I'm trying to figure out a timeframe to get over there. I'll come and give you big hugs :) Take care out there, I hope you are in better spirits soon. H xo