Tuai ewu' aku' means 'Come follow me' in the language of the indigenous Penan peoples of Sarawak, Borneo. This blog is an invitation to you to follow me on my big adventure to learn about this tribe and experience the natural beauty of Borneo. Tuai ewu' aku' ! x

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back after a long absence!

Hello everyone,

Its been quite a while since my last blog post and I hope you haven't stopped checking in!

The reason that its been so long is because I've been out of the internet/phone zone for the past 1 1/2 months, in several different villages.  First, Batu Belok, then flew to Long Kerong, then Long Speigan.  In that time, I lived with Penan families, trekked a bit, learned some of the language.  I have many photos to share with you.

So, this post is about my trip to Batu Belok.  I was there with a group of students from an Brisbane State School who were doing a project for the Penan pre-school. The kids in the pre-school were precocious and adorable.

This is the river where we bathed everyday.  The women wash clothes against a well-shaped log.  One moonlit evening, I was trying to wash my clothes.  When the ladies saw the pathetic job I was doing, they laughed and scrubbed my clothes for me!

This is one of the houses in Batu Belok.  As you can see, they can be quite basic, however they all have satellite television:)

We went on a little trek to a waterfall near the village.  It was a really nice walk and when it got too ot, we just jumped in the river to cool off!  Here is me looking worse for wear.:)

A Penan hut that we passed on the trek
The lake and waterfall
The Penan people caught fish and cooked it for lunch
Me with two friends, admiring an orchard
 I spent alot of time in the pre-school, watching the classes.  Here are some photos of the kids - very cute:)

The kids really seemed to like playing with my hair.  The boy behind me is combing out knots (tough job!)

 After this trip, I had one night in Miri, then flew out to another Penan village.  That will be my next post! Much love, Ang


  1. wow Angela, that just looks incredible. Just amazing. I cannot believe you are travelling around such remote areas on your own? thats insane!! and fantastic. Your photos are just stunning. Your shots of the children are absolutely amazing, beautiful. One question...why on earth are you not pulling your hair up when you are trekking you nutjob!! Anyway, wishing you a safe trip. It looks like the experience of a lifetime, something only YOU would do!!!! see you when you get back.

  2. I know I was not the only one who was extremely worried when 3 weeks turned into 5! Okay, let's see the new pics. :)

  3. Hey Kel! Thanks for the message:) Yes you're right. The hair is getting way too long, but in the jungle I find t quite good for warding off insects and leeches that might want to bite my neck!

  4. Angela, welcome back! I was really worried for a while but thankfully your Dad called me to let me know you were safe and well, just out of communication. You'll have to thank him for me again. Anyhow, the kids look so adorable, what an amazing time you must be having! Love you, miss you, as always!